6.32pm twat of the day

From the south west…



Well it’s now been 7 smoke free weeks and I’ve started to tackle diet and excercise now as I feel ready for it. I’m using a fitness tracker watch and a phone app called MyFitnessPal. It’s really good as it tracks calories and excercise. It has pretty much all food in all portion sizes. You can also set goals with it. Mine is to lose a pound a week, last week I lost 3 pounds.

Poached eggs with ham on a muffin

24/12/18 twat of the day

Yes, I know what you’re all thinking.. Perhaps a little early? I don’t think I could get anything to top this. I could be wrong, in which case we could end up with two twats today. It would appear school has officially broken up now. This one is from London, by the way. 250 miles away. God may love a tryer, however, I certainly don’t. Have a nice wank hun, if your reading this.


Well, I have officially got a dating guru. He’s the very lush PP, typically up north again lol. Been posting convos from pof into our Kik chat for a man’s view on them. Its been interesting. If you’re reading this PP, nice tatts, I’d do you. Xxxx

Cornish Cream tea

23/12/18 6.33am

Why is it two the nicest guys that I’d actually like to meet live hundreds of miles away? Both gorgeous and fit, tick all the boxes, F&B has gone back to France and H is back from Ireland but in a man cave up North lol. Life is mot fair sometimes. We are going with this for the Wanker Of The Week Award.


OK, so after some discussion with fab friends, I’m introducing a new category called Wanker Of The Week. This will be the worst Twat Of The Day throughout the previous week’s nominees. Feel free to vote for your favourite Twat. There will be a special trophy icon for them but votes please on the best one to use are needed. Here are the pics of them. Please use the comment section under post to vote. xx

Trophy A
Trophy B